Mistress of Dance Certification

In an era when so many have grown weary of the tough love approach to physical fitness, we offer an alternative, rooted in mutual respect and individual expression. 

If you're eager to share your enthusiasm for Fantasy Fitness with others as an instructor, our new streamlined certification process will get you up and teaching in no time.

  • Siren School Enrollment - $25 annually (automatically registers you in the PLUNDER rewards program)
  • Siren School 101 - complimentary written guide & 2-hour group videochat ($60 for private 1-on-1 videochat)
  • Fantasy Fitness Business Basics - complimentary written guide & 1-hour group videochat ($30 for private 1-on-1 videochat) 
  • Open to all Salonnieres who run Meetup groups

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  • See our Mistress of Dance brochure (image at right) for more information
  • Take a peek at our Instructor Fees page to determine the options that are best for you
  • Choose the genre(s) in which you'd like to earn certification
  • View the Siren School calendar and register for Siren School 101 & FF Basic Business videochat tutorials either through the calendar entries or our Facebook events pages
  • Register for Genre videochat training in your chosen style
  • Sign up for a complimentary 6-week class series of Routine #1 in your chosen genre

  • Genre Overview training options - (1) complimentary written guide & 2-hour group videochat, (2) $60 for private 1-on-1 videochat, (3) $250 for 2-day in-person training intensive in SoCal
  • Dance Instruction - teachers-in-training are required to attend all sessions (6 weeks) of routine #1 of their chosen genre. Cost is waived with Genre Certification
  • Mock Class &/or Dance Party - within 3 weeks following the conclusion of routine #1, teacher-in-training will present a mock teaching session. If satisfactory, official certification will be conferred 

NOW WHAT? Once you're certified in your genre(s) of choice you'll have 2 options of how to run your business
  • Solo - It's your baby now. This DIY option allows you to take the reins and get the word out on your exciting new venture. We'll gleefully post any info you share with us regarding your classes and activities
  • Duet - You don't have to do it alone! We can arrange for you to be mentored, and we are happy to take an active part in helping you grow your business by setting up a website and social media for you, writing and distributing press releases, creating ads for you, yada yada. See our Instructor Fee Options page for the nitty gritty. (Click here to view a sample Fantasy Fitness Mistress of Dance site)
  • Ensemble - Helping others feel fit and fabulous is a big responsibility. For their own protection, as well as that of their students, dance leaders are expected to maintain insurance and CPR certification
  • Direct - You are now eligible to become a Mentress and have a minion of your own to groom
  • Showtime! - Now go make a difference in the lives of women who are nearly desperate for what you have to offer