Let your true loveliness shine, from the inside out!

7-week online 2015 Mid-Summer Shapeover runs Mon July 6 - Sun August 23 as part of the Love Yourself Lovely—Love Yourself Lean program

and includes:
  • Weekly themes to reshape the way you think, move, and behave
  • Daily focus topics with uplifting blogs posts and lots of links to more detailed inspiration
  • A partner participant, ensuring your accountability
  • A private Facebook group just for this activity
  • Recipes & workout tips
  • Interactive online dance classes (one per day; time will be determined by locations of participants) — Participate live via videochat or work out on your own with our private recorded instruction video 
Mondays - Genie Belly Bliss
Tuesdays - Bollywood Blast
Thursdays - Island Drums
Fridays - Wandering Gypsy

Sign up with friends at a discounted rate
$150 for 1
$225 for 2 (you save $25)
$375 for 3 (you save $41.67)
$325 for 4 (you save $56.25)

(Plunder points earned = #1000)