Genres & Styles

Carmen Infante
Our themed dance classes are available for parties or for ongoing instruction 

Note: Barefoot sandal icon denotes a low-impact barefoot style of dance; Wave icon indicates a water workout. 

SIGNATURE STYLES our most popular genres, available as part of our new Plen Air Elementals program

Genie Belly Bliss — This ultra feminine dance style provides a healing and invigorating massage to the dancer's core while improving strength, flexibility and coordination. You'll find 'moves' you never knew you had in you. [Class may include use of coin hip scarves, zills (finger cymbals), veils, skirts, hip belts - 8 routines available] 

Bollywood Blast — This infectiously fun dance craze gets you smiling as much as shaking and shimmying. Be prepared to smile while bouncing with joy! [Class may include use of coin hip belts, zills (finger cymbals), shawls, bangles - 8 routines available]

Island Drums — Succumb to the call of the drums in this intoxicating Polynesian form of storytelling. You will feel rejuvenated, inside and out. [Class may include use of lavalava (pareo), grass skirt, lei, flower for hair, floral wreath, shell anklet, coconut bra, hand tassels, headdress, tea leaf belt - 8 routines available]

Fathoms Deep: Mermaids & Naiads - Aquatic dance training & choreography [Class may include use of monofin, mermaid tail, seaweed strands, bubble balls, flower garlands, fish nets, lily pads etc]

SHOWGIRLS - you'll feel glamorous and glitzy in these genres intended to foster confidence and grace

Carmen Infante
Moulin Rouge Can-Can — Think you can't dance like a high-stepping French showgirl? Yes you can-can! Kick up your heels while getting ooh-la-la legs in this jubilant joyous genre. [Class may include use of can-can skirt, bloomers, feather head-piece, byo shoes or granny boots - 2 routines available]

Burley-Q Tease — learn how to peel with appeal in this peekaboo routines that simply teases the imagination [Class may include use of opera gloves, gigantic fan, feather boa and byo stockings - 2 routines available]

Cabaret — This chair-based workout will make you feel like a Broadway dancer... & all that jazz [Class may include use of bowler hats, fishnet stockings & gloves, canes - 2 routines available]

Follies — Feel like a dazzling Ziegfield girl in this slow-tempoed fat-melting dance of grace. [Class may include use of Isis wings, balance ball, enormous, headdress and other oversized props, byo heels - 2 routines available

FAB FADZ some of the most beloved and enduring dance crazes to take the U.S. by storm
Carmen Infante

Flapper Charleston — Nearly a century after its advent, few dances can rival the flat-out fun of the Charleston. Get ready to wiggle to some of the keenest music of the Jazz age. [Class may include use of ultra-long strands of twirlable pearls, Flapper headband, fringe - 2 routines available] 

Salsa Picante  — Before there was Zumba there was Salsa, the dance craze that originated in... wait for it... New York City! Latin dance relaxes and liberates the hips and limbs. Yep, we're bringing sexy back. [Class may include use of maracas, handkerchief skirt belt, a-line top ruffles, handkerchief, flower for hair - 2 routines available]

You GoGo Girl! — A fun waist-trimming core workout that will get you twisting & shouting [Class may include use of Go-Go boot shoe covers, huge earrings, shift dress, mod belt, hot pants, long wigs, sunglasses, head bands - 2 routines available]

Disco Fever — You'll do more than stay alive, you'll thrive & boogie in this solid gold beat-driven dance workout [Class may include use of tambourine, 'bells' for the bottoms of your leggings, afro wig, gold chains, scarves, paper-boy hat - 2 routines available]

SALMAGUNDI a hodgepodge of delicious genres from around the globe
Carmen Infante

Castanets  — This snappy, sultry Flamenco class will get your feet moving and Latin heart pounding [Class may include use of Spanish fans, ruffled skirt wrap, ruffled top, decorative hair comb .... and, of course, castanets - 2 routines available

Carnevale! — Get the body and 'booty' you've always dreamed of while moving to the irresistible frenzied beat of Samba. [Class may include use of fringed hip belt, headdress, arm ruffles, choker - 2 routines available]

Gypsy Jubilation — This nomadic folkdance form originated in India then made its way through the Middle East and Russia to land in eastern Europe - it's a true salmagundi of styles. [Class may include use of bell anklets, tambourine, fringed body veils, head scarves - 2 routines available]

Cirque du Fitness — No need to run away with the circus when you can hone your circus skills close to home at your leisure. [Class may include use of ribbon stick, hoops, balance ball, juggling balls (optional) - 1 routines available

Calypso Crazy  — Let loose Trinidad style in this freeing freeform funfest. [Class may include use of shac-shacs (maracas), layered calico headdress, layered calico skirt, fringed hat, knee & elbow fringe, chunky bead bracelets - 1 routines available

COMEDY FITNESS - a great core workout... from all the laughing
  • Lac de Cygnes - this single event is comprised of a comedic ballet class with performance of a piece from Swan Lake [Class may include use of tutus, swan hair caps, leg warmers, hand towel, byo ballet shoes] 

Children's Birthday Parties
  • Dance Parties Dance Divas (tweens) & Tiny Dancers (tots), including Genie Wishes, Li'l Mermaids, 23 Skidoo Flapperettes and Hula Boola [Activities may include use of kazoos, boas, sunglasses, mesh gloves, tiaras, top hats, canes, pom-pons, hoops, beads, tutus, hip scarves, hula skirts, bubbles & more!]