Elementals (en Plein Air)

Dance classes conducted in gyms and studios provide lively, full-body workouts, infused with joyful abandon and accompanied by booming music.

Dance classes conducted out in nature also provide full-body workouts, plus, they afford participants a variety of unparalleled, organic, healthful benefits. 

When you join a Fantasy Fitness Elementals session, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Fill your lungs with fresh air that's not been filtered through a mechanical A/C unit
  • Fill your ears with birdsong and whispering breezes during our warm-ups and cool-downs, and dance to music played at a pleasurable level that allows for soft-spoken instruction 
  • Inhale the healing aromas of the earth, flora, fauna and waters
  • Feel the soil and sand beneath your feet, and splash in natural bodies of water
  • Dance in the sunlight, beneath shady trees, or even by campfire—away from fluorescent lights
  • Let loose without the pressure and distraction of mirrors, in an environment far from body-shaming and comparisons

Current Elemental offerings:

  • Genie Belly Bliss—Ethereal beings loathe being contained and need to move out in the open air with a view of the sky
  • Island Drums—Polynesian dance done barefoot, preferably near palms that sway in sync with your hips  
  • Wandering Gypsies—Barefoot folkdance in a park or grove, or better yet, around a campfire
  • Mumbai Monsoon—Our irresistible Bollywood Blast genre, whether you're dancing in the rain, by the bay, or at your local park
  • Fathoms Deep—Mermaid aquatic dance (with tail)
  • Blowing Bubbles—Naiad fresh water ballet (with legs)
Additional information on each dance style may be found on our Genres & Styles page

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