Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Life is a Cabarez

What good is sitting alone in your room?  Come!  Here the music play... and while you're at it, dance to it and get a hotsy totsy workout. 

Joie de Vivre Lifestyle is thrilled to present their latest theme dance party offering -- Cabarez.  This roaring 20's soiree comes with a variety of jazzy guest accoutrements including sheath flapper dresses, twirlable strands of pearls, cloche hats and more.  And in true cabaret form, part of the dance routine involves use of a chair.... but don't think this is an exercise to be taken sitting down.  You'll shimmy and Charleston like all get out, and most likely learn a thing or two of jazz age lore in the process.

As with all Joy of Dance Theme Parties,  events begin at $150 for up to 10 guests, $15 per additional guest.  Party price covers props, costumes, dance instruction, games/activities and so on.  Those who are keen on additional hoofer training may sign up for a 6-week series of classes, culminating in a choreographed dance routine... with the possibility of performing for those who want to get all dolled up and wiggle their chassis in the spotlight.

So come rouge your knees and roll your stockings down at the swellest party in town.  It's sure to be the bee's knees... and all that jazz.

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Psssst -- this party is also available for young flapperettes, age 5 and up